Everyone Needs Someone

I learned that ”ask me anything” turns into a message,

so the new way I am going to have things work are

You ask me a question, and I will reply back to it, with your problem in the “text” everyone will be able to view my answer towards you, put a code name in, and I will make that the title so you know it is directed towards you.

Thank you.


Love Stuff-

"I don’t know if this thing is going to work, or not but I think I am in love with this boy, and I just hate that he doesn’t feel the same way…"

Honestly,right when I read “I think I am in love” let me know that you are not in love, because you put the word think and when your in love you don’t think it you know it. I am not saying you can’t be in love with him though, keep your hope, and keep trying to get him, and who knows? He might fall in love with you.



The way it works.

My “Ask Me Anything” button is called “Vent/Ask here”

simply click that, mark if you want to be anon. or not.

and put what you want the title to be when I answer your question.

Or just message me.



1st Post-

This is my first post on Tumblr, and imagine I have no followers. That’s okay. I am not here for myself, I am here for others. :) I am going to find someone way to find out about me. I just wanted to see what my profile, if that’s what you call it? Page, or whatever, after a post has been on it. If you read this, thank you. And hopefully I will have more followers soon! <3


When I answer your questions/reply to vent, I will put the main subject of your problem as the title. If there is a certain way you would like me to post the title just let me know in your question. :)